Submitting your genealogy is easy:

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First, if you have information about living persons in your genealogy, seek to obtain their permission before submitting the data. Notes and sources attached to an entry for a deceased person may have data about a living person. We seek to preserve the privacy of living individuals.

Second, review your data, particularly your notes and sources. Be sure you don’t have any offensive or inappropriate statements about another person. It will also help others with their research if your data is as complete as possible. Review data standards that have been developed. A good resource is Mary Slawson's book "Getting It Right", with specific examples of how to keep track of names and places and titles. On page 24 of Mary’s book you see how to enter the nicknames for Irish names. For example William Thomas “Willie Tom Mary Willie” in the given name and Doherty in the surname. Locations are listed from smallest jurisdiction to biggest. So you could have Ballygorman, Malin Head, County Donegal, Ireland as one location, St. Mary’s, Lagg Chapel, Malin Head, County Donegal, Ireland as another.

Third, Save your genealogy in a GEDCOM file format on your personal computer. Many genealogy software programs provide the capability to save your records in a GEDCOM file format. The file is named with a .ged extension.

Fourth, Attach your GEDCOM to an e-mail and send it to We will review it for compatibility errors. We will not change or correct your file.

Lastly, If you have completed any level of Y-DNA testing that you would like to associate with your ancestral line within your submitted GEDCOM please notify Zack Daugherty - Y-DNA Coordinator.

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